Allam British Open 2015 - 16 May Men’s Semi Final

16 May Men’s Semi Final

Published on Sunday, May 17, 2015

Allam British Open 2015 - 16 May  Men’s Semi Final

16 May

Men’s Semi Final :

Grégory Gaultier

Miguel Rodriguez (Col)

11-9, 11-3, 11-9 (57m)



Gaultier still to drop a game ...

It didn’t come easy though, for the title holder today, as the CanonBall made him work pretty hard for his seat in the final!

The first game was crucial, both mentally and physically. 

First of all, because Greg is a confidence player, and need to feel relaxed to play his best squash. And two, because of the length of it, 27m. 

 Miguel is one of the fittest player out there, but still, he was bound to feel very heavy legs after losing such a close game, 11/9. 

And in the second, the Colombian was not much threat to the Frenchman, 11/3 in 8m.

The third, refreshed and willing, Miguel re-attacked with all guns, moving as well as he can, and putting again Greg under 16m of heavy pressure. 

From 4/4, Miguel found some superb energy while Greg found the tin, 7/5, 8/6. 

Having no intention of staying on court for a fourth, Greg cut the errors (he made an incredible 14 in all, against 5 for Miguel) and came back in the game, 8/8, 9/9, to finally take it on his second match ball, 11/9.


Delighted to be in the final once again, this is my favourite tournament, you know, when you are a kid and you are dreaming of wining a trophy, that was the one for me. I won it twice, but I’m still hungry to take it home.


We started the match very fast, but then it slowed down a bit. I was down 6/3 in the first, but I thought that even if I lost it, it was important to make him work very hard, and it paid off in the seconnd. The third was 50/50, but I think I played the crucial points better today.

It’s a big bonus to take all your matches 3/0, and I arrive in the final as fresh as I can be, although I was always on the late shift, and had the least recovery time. Today, we played at 5, that’s better, so I’ll be ok tomorrow for the final.

Tomorrow, Mohamed, he is the world number one, he took my number one spot last year. He is a fantastic player, he is playing very well, I’m happy for him and he is a good friend too. But tomorrow, it’s match time, and he beat me the last times we played, so I would love to take my revenge.

I’m going to give my 200% to try and lift that trophy once again, and finish the season which hasn’t been that great for me on a positive note.

Greg Gaultier