Allam British Open 2015 - 15 May Men’s Quarters

15 May Men’s Quarters

Published on Sunday, May 17, 2015

Allam British Open 2015 - 15 May  Men’s Quarters

15 May

Men’s Quarters :

Grégory Gaultier

Mazen Hesham (Egy)

11-7 , 11-7, 11-9 (45m)



Greg truly enjoyed this match. It was obvious. 

He was pushed a bit, but not too much, and really appreciated the demeanour and behaviour of young Mazen.

Mazen had a few tough matches and was heavily strapped around the dorsal vertebras and at the top of his right shoulder, not that he never complained or mentioned it… 
It was an intense match, rallies were long – nice that Mazen has added the “patience” layer to his game, he is improving tournament after tournament, Abdel Aziz will be proud. The games last rather a long time for a match with a young Egyptians, 13, 12 and 14. Meaning that they both worked hard at it!

The stats tell the story though, if the winners were about the same, 17 for Mazen, 16 for Greg, we had 15 unforced errors for the Egyptian, versus 4 for Greg.

And good to say that there were very few decision, 11 only. It looks like whatever the PSA is putting in place in the Refereeing department is working fine, we’ve hardly see any trouble this week…


He is totally Egyptian, so skilful, and you never no what he is going to play, so you’ve got to play tight to the wall, and if you open the court, you’ve got to run to the front!!

I watched him play a bit against Mosaad, so skilful, good hands, and a very fair player. He is what, 20, playing so well at such a young age, and the level nowadays has improved so much not only squash wise but also as far as the knowledge of sport is concerned.

I feel really relaxed, I did well here in the past two years, I got in the final two years ago, win last year. I want to give it a last push, last tournament of the season. 

I struggled with injury in 2015, I couldn’t really train and barely play, so now I’m really enjoying the fact I was able to train and I have no pressure on me.

I played Miguel two weeks ago, and I managed to win 3/0 but he is very fit and had a great tournament, he seems to have 5 lungs, I have only 2, but I have much more experience as he has, and I’ll try and just stay focused. I just hope the crowd enjoy it.

Greg Gaultier