Allam British Open 2015 - 14 May - Men’s Round Two

14 May - Men’s Round Two

Published on Sunday, May 17, 2015

Allam British Open 2015 - 14 May - Men’s Round Two

 14 May - Men’s Round Two :

Grégory Gaultier
[Q] Tom Richards

11-3, 11-1, 11-7 (34m)


I was talking with Tom a bit before the match, and he was telling me that he didn’t have enough tournaments because of injury and I guess for him arriving on the second round of a major is a bonus for him. 

Also, he had to qualify, and he is maybe a bit flat, this is in fourth match. Plus, he played three matches on the traditional court, this was my second on the glass, I have my marks, and that was an advantage for me.
I did the job today, he did what he could, I did what I could, and hopefully people have enjoyed it.

I’m playing Hesham next, who created an upset by beating Mosaad, a top 8 player. This was not the match I expected, it’s a new player, I never played him, so I’ll do some analysing tonight and tomorrow, and for sure it will be fast and furious.

I’ll have to keep on my toes, he is a tricky player, he is young and hungry, I’m also young and hungry, with the experience on top.. I’ll be ready for a tough match…

Greg Gaultier




Tom said in his post match interview after his victory on “One Legged Daryl” as Tom called him, that Greg was the player he enjoyed the least playing, as the low and hard hitting from the Frenchman impaired and prevented him from volleying and playing the game he liked.

And that’s exactly what happened in the first two games, time for Tom to adapt to both conditions and Greg’s tremendous pace and movement.

But as Tom mentioned, he manages to finally play a bit better against Greg if he plays him often. 


Well, we could see a definite improvement in the third, the score says it as well, 11/7 instead of the 11/3, 11/1 in the first two games. 

Those scores that looks pretty one sided were not that accurate, as the rallies were long and Tom made Greg work of his points, 12m first game, 10m second!

Entertaining match for the crowd, but I don’t think Tom will have enjoyed it that much…